Cantilever Truss Racking

When you need a solution for the storage or distribution of your long-length, bulky building materials such as completed Frames and Trusses, or packs of timber stock – look no further than the GETC Cantilever Racking System.

GETC has the experience and system range to ensure you receive the best possible solutions to all of your storage needs. 

The development of the GETC Cantilever Truss Racking System is another example of how the importance of listening to our customers has resulted in the design of a new, specialized system for particular industries.

The unique requirements of truss storage require the use of extremely long Cantilever Arms – providing efficient storage and complete accessibility to finished product which has traditionally occupied large parcels of land and yard space.

Product Features:
  • Extra long Cantilever Arms – designed to suit Truss and Frame storage
  • Various Sizes & Configurations to ensure an ideal space-saving arrangement for every application 
  • Powder Coated & Hot dip galvanized (H.D.G) Options
  • Customized Colour Schemes to match your Company Profile
  • In-house engineering repliche orologi rolex and drafting teams providing full Design, Layout & Site Planning
  • Fully Modular Construction

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