Pallet Racking System
The universally adopted Pallet Racking System is a common sight in warehouses around the world. GETC provides a highly developed warehouse storage system for palletized stock in a full range of Pallet Racking configurations, ensuring the unique requirements of different industries are met.

The various configurations that are available when using Pallet Racking ensure your business receives the best possible storage and distribution solution – tailored to meet the specific requirements of your premises.

Product Features:
  • A wide range of specialized accessories to improve workplace safety & protect your racking investment
  • Powder Coated, Pre-Galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanized Options
  • Customized Colour Schemes
  • Full Layout Planning, Floor Plan Support, Supply, Delivery, Installation and Post Project-Delivery Services

GETC Pallet Racking Configurations Include :

4.1 Single Selective Racking
  • Most cost effective storage system with the lowest equipment and capital costs
  • Direct access to all pallets for 100% accessibility and good stock rotation
  • Accommodates variable pallet heights

4.2 Back to Back Racking

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  • The ability to stack two pallets deep – with access most commonly provided from entry face only.
  • Storage density increased as rack ratio changes from Selective Racking
  • Most common in large-format DC environments requiring multiple lanes  

4.3 Drive-In Racking
  • Ideal for high pallet quantities of same stock in each lane.
  • Space efficiency and high volume storage of block stacking, with easy access to pallets
  • Self-centering rails automatically position pallets quickly and safely with floor-guides providing added rack protection

4.4 Double Deep Racking
  • The ability to stack two pallets deep – often with guide-rails to upper beam levels for added loading safety.
  • Used in conjunction with specialized reach-truck equipment
  • Storage density increased as rack ratio changes from Selective Racking
  • Good use of all available locations

4.5 Pallet Live & Flow Through
  • Pallets are fed in from one side and retrieved from the opposite side eliminating double handling from the receiving area.
  • Speed of throughput combined with automatic stock rotation is the major advantage of this system.

4.6 Narrow Aisle & High Bay Racking
  • Makes optimum use of floor area and roof height
  • Provides high density storage with 100% accessibility and good stock rotation.
  • Often used with ‘man-up’ equipment and floor-guides for ease of use.

4.7 Cartons Live Storage (CLS)
  • Suitable for cartons of various sizes and weights and incorporates replique cartier metal rollers.
  • Various track lengths are available to suit individual applications.

4.8 Push Back Racking
  • “Last in, First out” inventory
  • Each Pallet is pushed back by subsequent pallet loading
  • Push Back Racking lets you store pallets 2 to 5 deep
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