Pigeon Hole & Mezzanine System

GETC Pigeon Hole & Mezzanine Racking Systems provide a solution to the often difficult aspect of ever shrinking floor space while providing an integrated storage system for long-length and standard carton/parts storage. The requirements of businesses requiring Mezzanine/Pigeon-Hole System are always unique – often requiring detailed engineering and planning to ensure the ideal configuration to suit any space.

The in-house GETC engineering team will work closely with you to ensure that your specific requirements are addressed by a custom-designed configuration.

The unique GETC Pigeon-Hole Racking replique montre de luxe System provides users with the twin benefits of increased floor-space while delivering ideal long-length storage in an easy-to-use ‘picking’ layout. 

The GETC Pigeon-Hole System allows your customers and staff to view and pick the differing long-length products while providing your business with a space-saving mezzanine floor. 

Product Features:
  • Multi-level mezzanine option – fantastic way of storing your long-length items and gaining extra floor space
  • Fully modular clip-together construction (no nuts or bolts) for unlimited configurations
  • Sturdy Steel Construction patek philippe replica
  • Unique chequer-plate steel flooring system or “ready to lay” joisted floor
  • Hot dip galvanized or powder-coated options for outdoor or indoor requirements 
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