Established in 1998, GETC China (GETC) is a world-class Chinese Company providing flexible solutions to customers’ needs. GETC Specialists in the manufacture, design and delivery of Industrial Warehousing and Storage systems including retail system. We are a unique company operating a highly successful and leading edge business model that comprises a number of Chinese manufacturers based in Central East China work together under an umbrella collaborative corporate structure.

GETC spearheads the global marketing, supply and  delivery for its manufacturers, ensuring delivery of the highest quality , competitively priced industrial storage systems available. Each of the GETC manufacturing partners repliche orologi and stakeholders are quality assured to ISO9001, ensuring that GETC products are always of a superior standard.

Team at GETC
GETC is more than just a supplier of racking, shelving and storage systems. The team at GETC will provide your business with a full warehouse/layout planning, consultation, floor plan support design, 3D modeling, customized design, supply, delivery, installation and post project-delivery services. GETC is dedicated to fausse rolex ensuring the delivery of cost effective solutions designed to match your unique requirements